VHV spojovací článek 

Connecting links for individual chain lengths HV and DS. The connecting links have the same technological characteristics as the corresponding highly wear-resistant chains. Make sure that the connecting links are assembled and installed according to the instructions. These connecting links are mounted as vertical links in bucket elevators with back mounted buckets. For positive discharge bucket elevators, the connecting links have to be installed as horizontal links.

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Popis výrobku

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery: connecting link, locking plate and 2 pcs. safety pins DIN 1481

Example of the order
20 pcs. connecting links VHV 22 x 86 G40E10


Tabulka specifikací

Type d
Pin D x L Weight
VHV 16 x 64 16 64 20 54 5 x 16 0,40
VHV 14 x 50 14 50 16 46 4 x 14 0,25
VHV 19 x 75 19 75 22 65 5 x 20 0,65