LCWI smyčkový uzávěr

Uzavírá smyčku

Special applications such as the lifting of pumps require user-friendly solutions that simplify work processes and comply with all legal regulations. For pewag, these aspects are a matter of course – and the LCWI loop connector is a prime example of a product that encompasses all of them.

With the loop connector, forming loops even through narrow eyes (they must of course be large enough to feed the chain through) is easy, quick and does not require an additional connecting link. The loops will not tighten and, thanks to the special design, it is no longer necessary to reduce the load capacity down to 80 % when using a loop.

The connector is stamped with the manufacturer's symbol, CE-mark and batch number and comes with a full operating manual.

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Tabulka specifikací

LCWI smyčkový uzávěr Code / Type load capacity
Measurement Image LCWI 5-6 C 630 31 6 10 6 12 0,068