BDS / BDS-S (NOVINKA) uchycení korečků

Back mounted bucket attachment / Side mounted bucket attachment


Chain system for high capacity bucket elevators to elevate a wide range of bulk material; highly wear resistant, long round steel chains connected with chain couplings form an endless chain loop - no weak points because of open chain links; high chain speeds result in max capacities; BDS attachment runs over toothed drive sprockets with replaceable, adjustable individual teeth and plain, grooved chain wheels, BDS attachment and buckets don't have to transmit any chain pull; BDS attachment can be reused when the chain is replaced, BDS stud dimensions are designed to match DIN standard shackles - existing chain end and shackle systems can be converted; same buckets and chain wheels can usually be used; simple assembly, chains and buckets are assembled separately; bucket spacing can be changed; long chain life and trouble-free service due to uniform hardness of chain and of chain and components.

BDS - System consists of 
 - SEG-A / RHV Drive wheel
 - HV DS – chain
 - VHV Connecting link
 - SEG-E Tail wheel

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